about us

Fly Free For Health is the world’s first borderless health and wellness hub.

With Fly Free For Health, global interactive health services are just a click away. We are passionate about providing the ultimate freedom to health and wellness consumers borderlessly. Thus we have created a network of renowned doctors and health professionals from around the world to provide health services and public education to you anywhere and in anyspace. Whether you are at home, on your mobile or using your laptop, you can experience the best possible healthcare from around the world conveniently. In addition, our service allows collaboration between your local health service providers and other doctors overseas. This system allows you to benefit from the latest medical developments and advancements available in other parts of the world.

It is a difficult process to coordinate multi-disciplinary collaborative healthcare between health professionals around the world despite today’s medical and technology advancements. To address this, Fly Free For Health has invested in medical call centres manned by nurses and other health professionals who are trained in information technology, and research and case management to serve global clients. These specially-trained professionals are called “Medical Butlers”. You can be assisted by a medical butler on any of the Fly Free For Health platforms like web, mobile, or home-based touch screen interfaces. Feel free to chat with any of our medical butlers to assist you in health travel research, seeking second opinion, global collaborative care or even home health. Enjoy the borderless health and wellness experience at Fly Free For Health!