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Be Baby Smart by Dr Wei Siang Yu

Dr Wei Siang Yu is a medical doctor who has emerged as a prominent figure in Singapore for his efforts in dealing with Singapore’s record-low birthrate. He is also a medical inventor and currently running an innovative medical tourism platform called

Did Someone Say ‘Vaginal Rejuvination’? By Dr Marco Faria-Correae

Dr. Marco Faria-Correa is one of Brazil’s most renowned Plastic Surgeon, a worldwide pioneer in using endoscopic methods in plastic surgery. Yes, apparently not only houses and humans need to be restored to youthful vigor or appearance but the vagina does

Sakit Punggung Terkait Injeksi Epidural by Dr Bernard Lee (Bahasa)

Dr. Bernard Lee adalah Pelopor spesialis untuk intervensi rasa nyeri di Singapura dan Direktur Singapore Paincare Center Penelitian klinis tidak menunjukkan ada resiko bertambahnya sakit punggung terkait dengan epidural analgesia saat melahirkan. Kebanyakan pasien kemungkinan mengalami sakit punggung dengan atau tanpa

Another Look at Miscarriage by Dr Ivan Sini

Dr Ivan Sini is a Gynaecologist and Clinical Director of Morula IVF Jakarta, a reputable infertility and test tube program institution in Jakarta. The grieving process for an expectant mother who lost a child to miscarriage is a truly a difficult

Minimally Invasive Surgery is the Solution to Maximum Back Pain by Dr Bernard Lee

Dr. Bernard Lee is one of the pioneer interventional pain specialists in Singapore and Director for Interventional Pain Management Services at Singapore Pain Care Center Back pain is a common problem for most people. It comes and goes. For most people,

Dealing with Neurological Disorders contributed by Samitivej Hospital

Samitivej Hospital is an international award hospital in Thailand and a service provider of medical tourism in Southeast Asia. A neurological disorder is a condition that involves the nervous system – caused by either a disease or injury to the nervous

Bedah Lambung Atasi Obesitas by Dr Ayuthinee Singhakowinta (Bahasa)

Ayuthinee Singhakowinta, MD. MSc. (Clinical Epidemiology) Ketua Diabetes and Metabolik Center, Phyathai Hospital, Thailand Sama seperti olahraga, tidur juga merupakan komponen penting dalam mencapai program diet yang sukses. Beberapa penelitian telah membuktikan bahwa obesitas juga berkaitan dengan kurangnya tidur. Ketika lelah