The advent of information technology allows borderless healthcare to play a pivotal role in the management of many health issues ranging from geriatric care, global collaborative care, medical travel, health monitoring, tele-radiology, and more. Fly Free For Health’s medical butlers are trained to use the latest technologies to help health consumers around the world to seamlessly manage health issues.

If monitoring the health of an elderly worries you, our medical butler can help by communicating with your loved one regularly. They can keep vital record via different interfaces like the phone or touchscreen. Tailored according to your n eeds and with the help of technologies, we can even help to supervise your home help. Additionally we can arrange for co-management with your private nurse.

When you have a health issue which requires management and discussion between two or more doctors from different distant locations, we can facilitate your need for global collaborative care as well. This is may be most applicable if you are a medical traveller who had just undergone a procedure in a foreign country and require your doctor in your home country to discuss post-operative management with your surgeon.

If you need radiological interpretation to ascertain a diagnosis, our medical butlers can also remotely upload your radiological images into our secure servers for reading by your nominated radiologist anywhere in the world.