There are a few Borderless Services to choose from as follows:
1. Monitoring/Clerking
2. Tele-medicine
3. Second Opinion/Document Based Professional Opinion
4. Digital Bio-pharmacy
5. Digital Laboratory Services

 Monitoring or Clerking Services

Monitoring or clerking services are usually a combination of surveillance technology and supervision via webcam. The deployment can also include regular phone call to the patient for regular monitoring of health status and progress. For example, an elderly patient living alone may be under constant supervision by a Medical Butler. In addition, the home help can also be in regular consult with the Medical Butler in case of any questions. This monitoring can further be fortified with regular call to the elderly for record of mood status, bowel movement, appetite etc.


Tele-medicine will allow a patient to be in consult with doctors around the world as well as allow doctors in different countries to discuss and practise cross border collaborative care in just a click away moderated by Medical Butler. Our Medical Butlers who man different skill groups can also allow public interaction via the digital concierge. Apart from the commonly implemented tele-radiology where images can be read by doctors around the world, Fly Free For Health has also pioneered many digital concierges from aesthetics to pain management.

 Document Based Professional Opinion

Document Based Professional Opinion aka Second Opinion in the context of Fly Free For Health network, is quite a common phenomenon in today’s medical consultation; especially with easy access to medical information on the internet. Seeking opinion from different doctors before a procedure has become a common practice. Thus today’s consumers are not deprived of information. In order to support health consumers around the world who are seeking for second opinion but may not have easy physical access to doctors, Fly Free For Health has partnered with renowned doctors and medical institutions around the world to provide Document Based Professional Opinion(DBPO) via the internet. See more information at DBPO section!

 Digital Bio-pharmacy

Digital Bio-pharmacy is a new type of borderless health service which allows consumers to customise their vitamins and other pharmaceuticals needs through an interactive concierge manned by a nutritionist or dietician. In this system, vitamin and pharmaceutical components are digitally connected to the manufacturing plant to allow cost efficient minimum order for as low as one bottle of customised product. Consumers will not only have the chance to personalise their vitamins with a nutritionist, they can also save a lot of cost in buying multiple vitamins. Ask our Medic al Butler for more information now!

 Digital Laboratory Service

Digital Laboratory Service is one of the latest borderless service which allows consumers to provide bio-samples eg. Hair, for analysis and receive digital report directly from the laboratory. This service will be launched soon!