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Aesthetic Medicine

Our desire to attain beauty and physical perfection is innate.

But in today’s demanding world, this pursuit has become more significant. Thanks to major advances in aesthetic medicine, our search for the ‘fountain of youth’ is both less painful and less costly. Results are remarkable, often surpassing expectations

Aesthetic medicine is a very broad discipline. It covers anti-aging medicine, obesity management and its surgical management, aesthetic dentistry, and laser procedures. Even skin resurfacing, Botulinum Toxin (BOTOX) treatment, fillers, peeling techniques, plastic surgery, phlebology (varicose vein treatment), sclerotherapy (spider vein treatment), and many others.

At Fly Free For Health, we partner with the best hospitals and medical groups in the region, providing you with aesthetic enhancements suitable for all ages. Click here to chat with our Medical Butler for more information.

Some of Our Healthcare Partners:

Bangkok, Thailand

Phyathai Logo Phyathai Cosmetic Centre offers a one-stop service for its patients – specialized care in the area of cosmetic surgery and integrated beauty care, which include the use of lasers along with VIP treatment throughout the entire stay of the patient. The safety standards are equivalent to that of International Standards and the atmosphere ensures patients’ privacy at all times.