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The back is the workhorse of our body.

Its function is essential for nearly every move we make, which makes it particularly vulnerable to injury when we are lifting, reaching and twisting. Four out of five adults experience at least one incidence of back pain during their lifetime. In fact, back pain is one of the most common afflictions for missing work. It is the third most expensive disorder, after heart disease and cancer.

Diagnostic test results of the root condition determine the course of treatment. However, there are generally two types of treatment modes, conservative and invasive treatment.

Treatment can be done in a conservative manner, e.g., a combination of bed rest followed by gradual ambulation, pain medications, physical therapy and other forms of therapy. On the other hand, surgery may be indicated if a patient presents with other significant symptoms that do not resolve with conservative treatment. For example, if a patient has severe pain and is unable to function at a satisfactory level, surgery for a case of herniated lumbar disc may be necessary.

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