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Cell therapy has been hailed for achieving results that haven’t been achieved by other methods.

Cell Therapy is the process of using new cells to replace or repair damaged tissues or cells. For this reason, the use of stem cells is quite prolific in this technology. Stem cells in adult humans have the ability to repair the body, replenish specialized cells, and also maintain the normal regenerative cycle of the blood, skin, or intestinal tissues.

For decades, bone marrow, and more recently, umbilical cord blood stem cells have played significant roles in the treatment of leukemia and lymphoma. During chemotherapy, both cancerous and non-cancerous cells are harmed. The healing effects of stem cells seek to reverse this process. In Stem Cell Therapy, the reintroduction of functional stem cells seeks to replace healthy cells lost in the treatment. Its potential are quite limitless because researchers now claim its ability to treat brain damage, cancers, spinal cord injuries, rare genetic disorders, Parkinson’s disease and diabetes, to name a few.

As an anti-aging skin care ingredient in Facial Rejuvenation Therapy, the use of engineered stem cell skin care treatments work to heal sun damaged, wrinkled skin. It harnesses the natural healing power of cells to revitalize your skin—leaving it smooth and wrinkle-free.