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Our eyes perceive light and send vital information to our brains.

Irritations, infections or traumas can cause such visual perceptions to be lost.

There are many known ophthalmologic afflictions – infectious and non-infectious. Myopia, a non-infectious condition, happens when the incoming light from a distant object focuses before it gets to the back of the eye. The opposite happens with hyperopia or farsightedness. In the case of astigmatism, one or more surfaces of the cornea or lens are not spherical. As a result, there is blurry vision.

Most of these afflictions are manageable and most of the times preventable through early detection and monitoring. An example of such is senile cataract, one of the leading causes of blindness in the world. When diagnosed early, the clouding process is stopped and vision is preserved. Click here to chat with our Medical Butler for more information.

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SNEC logoSingapore National Eye Centre is a one-stop eyecare centre attending to 250,000 outpatient visits annually. It is flanked by experienced consultant eye surgeons, and over 350 specially-trained nursing, paramedical and support personnel to provide patients ophthalmic care for a wide range of conditions