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Pain is easily the most common complaint of people worldwide.

It is considered the 5th vital sign, which signals that there may be something wrong within the body. Pain usually goes away when the cause is addressed. It can sometimes however go on for weeks, months or even years. This is called chronic pain, and may be due to an ongoing cause such as cancer or arthritis. In some cases however, the exact cause of pain is unknown.

There are many ways to treat pain. Treatment varies depending on the cause of pain. The first-line treatment option for pain is medication. It may be used in conjunction with alternative treatments.

Acupuncture, placing needles in specific body regions, is an oriental art of reducing or eliminating pain. Other alternative treatment options may include hypnosis, physical therapy, and relaxation techniques. When either of these fails, surgical interventions may be indicated.

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Dr Bernard Lee copy Dr Bernard Lee is one of the pioneer Interventional Pain Specialists in Singapore. He also established the knifeless surgery – specializing in laser/balloon injections to treat various pain conditions like slipped disc, nerve compression, arthritis and frozen shoulders.